Monday, 6 October 2008

A New York state of mind

I'm gearing up to go to New York on 26th October, as an election tourist. I can't wait, and am already making plans of what to see when I am there. Forget the museums or landmarks, I'm going on a pilgrimage to thrift stores/design shops/anywhere stylish.

These places have already made my agenda:
  • Hable Construction
  • Pippin Home (one of my favourite shops in the whole world)
  • Every single Housing Works, esp the one in Gramercy Park
  • A place in the East Village, I think it's on St Mark's Place, don't remember the name
  • Somewhere in Chelsea which sells architectural salvage, including ceiling tins
  • A place in Soho, a few streets parallel to Hudson St, which sells really nice kitchenware, including a chopping board with turquoise in it which I have my eye on
  • Brooklyn Flea Market
  • Kill Devil Hill
  • ABC Carpet and Home (of course)
  • Apartment something - I keep thinking it is called Apartment Therapy, but of course it isn't.

Mmm, I think that there will be time for a few more - any suggestions? I've been to most of the flea markets in Manhattan and thought they were very overpriced. I'm not really into those expensive furniture shops in Tribeca either, and I'm mostly interested in homewares. I'm looking for carbon copy shops of Pippin Home if you have any suggestions.

I'm also planning to spend an afternoon in Tarrytown, New York, where there are lots of great vintage stores (which I can't quite attest to - I went on a Monday last time and all the shops were shut; take note, happy shoppers.)

You may think I am very organised working out my shopping agenda in advance. In reality, I am in the middle of writing my CV, a task from which I am easily distracted.

Photo via Racked.


Modern Craft said...

You know, I bet you're thinking of Apartment 48, a great shop that just got a new home. It's run by a young guy and his brother who have great taste and merchandising. Good luck! I wish I was going too!

Lynne said...

oh yes, that's the one!