Monday, 6 October 2008

Tea of the week: Men's afternoon tea at the Mandeville

Now, this is a take on afternoon tea I have never heard before. The Mandeville Hotel in Marylebone, London, is offering afternoon tea for men, complete with a butterfly-covered menu (not quite sure I get the reasoning behind that), special men's sandwiches (think sirloin steak, potted shrimp and beef), and lots of the requisite cakes, including Bourbon-laced fruitcake.

So far, so male? Apparently it's the lure of a dram of whisky and a hand of poker which will entice them in.

I like the idea of an original spin on afternoon tea, but I would be interested to see what kind of man this attracts. Well-groomed non-smokers, who prefer their poker sans nicotine, potentially a la Raef from the Apprentice and clad in something cashmere and camel-coloured. Or do you imagine something different?

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