Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More rain...

I just searched 'rain' on this blog, and found a lot of references! Never mind. It's another one of those days, so I thought I'd share this Cape Girl screenprint I like, by Scottish artist Jen Collins.

{Other rain prints I've liked, here, here and here.}


Lost Star said...

This is a lovely find!
(Apt too, as I am sitting here watching the rain fall down!)

Michelle said...

I am not suprised that living in this country it is a common occurrence on your blog. At least the print is cheerful.

MMm.. said...

Yes,that's a wonderful print. So love it and Sooooo Love that you are blogging again! Something told me not to delete your blog as a follower and so glad I didn't so I can keep up with you now.

Speaking of delightful rain prints I do love the whimsy of this one I've seen featured around the place: