Tuesday, 5 June 2012

British blogs: Decorator's notebook

I'd like to post about British blogs more often, so for a while I'm going to feature just one each time from my existing blogroll, many of which you've probably already heard of. 

Decorator's Notebook is one of my favourites, just because she has great taste, and her features are very consistent. My favourite feature is The Room Debate, where you share one thing you like and loathe about the rooms she picks. Often, I have a long list of things I don't like, which says something not particularly good about me {everyone else is much more pleasant, which is a good thing as I can't stand nasty bloggers!} I also love her Pinterest feed!

Do you have any new great blog discoveries you would like to share? I've also just added Le Dans La {French}, Tant Johanna {Swedish} and Hey Look {Finnish} to my Google reader. I've added a Linky Tools list below so it's easier for others to follow. Please don't add your own blog to the list. Thanks!

{PS, I just read this post through Google Reader, and it's done some very strange things; capitalising words and even adding in random words! Sorry if you're reading and it doesn't make sense!}

{Photo: Petra Bindel}


Cyn | decyng said...

I dicovered this one yesterday: http://entermyattic.blogspot.fr It has nice pictures!
And this is mine: www.blog.decyng.com.ar (I´m new in the blog world)

tinza said...

great recommendations! I didn't know about Decorator's Notebook & I love it! thanks! I love your blog too, by the way!

Decorator's Notebook said...

Rahhhhh! Thanks Lynne - I am so thrilled to see this post! Lots of British Blog love right back at you :-)

Michael said...

OH what a great idea about the Tearoom debate. Will certainly have to check that out.

Unknown said...

Haust! Shared about her today. :)
Kat x