Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Painting pots

A little painting project, with a tin of blackboard tape I found in a cupboard. Things I used: terracotta pots {I liked the tone of this one from Ikea}, blackboard paint, a chalk pen, and washi tape. I'm quite a gardening novice {I seem to spend all my time weeding and then lose momentum} so I bought a few seed kits to see what the results would be.

I used washi tape to mark off a section, and then painted two coats of blackboard paint - it was harder than I thought to make a square on a round object. I wouldn't recommend wasting lovely washi tape on such things, except I have a huge stash; normal masking tape would be perfect.

Then decorate with the chalk pen! That's supposed to be a rosemary design in the background, can you tell? Ha! I meant to add the date, so I would know how long I'd been growing them inside.

Then, wait a few weeks for it all to go wrong! No sign of the rosemary, and oh dear... The sweet pea {also bought in a kit from Sainsbury's} seems to be thriving though. I'm pretty pleased with my progress!  


found and sewn said...

Love your little decorated flower pots. They look lovely, I've just planted some sweetpeas too x

Linda said...

Love this idea!

Katie said...

Those look great - I've been growing some tomatoes, basil and peppers, but I bought them all as seedlings - I haven't had much luck growing things from seed in the past!

Sarah J. said...

I never knew such a thing as a chalk pen existed! What a great idea.

Polly Rowan said...

so pretty :) great idea.