Thursday, 14 January 2010

Style resolutions: Nath from Le Petit Oiseau

Today we start a short series of new style resolutions from British bloggers. First up is Nath from Le Petit Oiseau (whose blog header I've always loved). She's revealing a big scoop in her answers - can you spot what it is? Congratulations Nath, that's very exciting news indeed. Thanks very much for taking part!

Style Resolutions: Nath from Le Petit Oiseau

Q. What was your favourite design find/achievement of 2009?

2009 was a pretty great year for me. It was the year that I started blogging, got into flickr, opened a little vintage shop and started upcycling vintage china (soon to be stocked in Paul Smith no less). I hope I can achieve similar heights in 2010!

As for design finds, I find my flickr favourites so inspiring, you can discover anything and everything.

1. Vintage hot-air balloon puzzle, 2. A Child's Alphabet, 3. Reused Plastic Pins 4, 4. Untitled, 5. Untitled, 6. ., 7. nido, 8. panda chops., 9. Conjunto para ConsomĂȘ Casal Apaixonado, 10. pine cones!, 11. Doll Face, 12. 1950s biscuit tin (detail), 13. vintage original silk screen print, 14. January 26, 2008, 15. Van Cleef & Arpel, 16. Bareback Rider, 17. From a 1960's biology book, 18. Vintage Child Life Magazine Illustration--White Bunny Frolicking in Spring!, 19. Vintage Tins, 20. Untitled, 21. Thrifting, 22. memory cards, 23. Paper cut-out design, 24. Vintage Wallpaper, 25. 23, 26. collection, 27. Untitled, 28. Untitled, 29. lightning silkscreen , 30. The Pezidential Suite, 31. This is San Francisco, 32. new fabric!, 33. Austin Enterprises 1966 chess set, 34. NFG-Ship, 35. Melitta "Alter Schwede"

Q. What are your style resolutions for 2010?

Well, we're hoping to sell our house this year, so I do solemnly resolve to buy less and streamline a bit. In fact I will ruthlessly edit. I do try to keep that William Morris adage in mind - "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." Because really, it makes so much sense doesn't it? And also to draw more, do more screen-printing. ­ I'd love to do a small textile collection. To get better at photography (to that end I am doing a 365 project on flickr) and to (more) regularly update my shop - (where I'm currently having a big ol sale until the end of January!)

Q. Which style/design blog(s) will you be reading in 2010?

So many. Too many. I have over 200 in my Google Reader! But here some much-loved favourites: Fine little day, Mieke Willems, Dos Family (the house tours are so incredibly inspiring), Inspiration Resource, and My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses.

And I'll also be avidly reading recently discovered blogs like Barbara Berrade's. She is a photographer, designer and French fashion designer, with great style as you might expect.

Also Lovely World - another maker of beautiful things - and Karen Barbe who is a wonderful Chilean-based maker and textile designer.

bottom images Mieke Williams.


Anonymous said...

Yet again more eye candy! I adore those tables!

artemis said...

Wow, Nath you have had such a great year, and selling to Paul Smith! Your plates and patterns are fabulous, I'm sure there is much more to come from you! Looking forward to it x

Jane O Sullivan said...

nath ...I feel like throwing a party and we've never "met" but I feel part of it all,does that sound geeky ?
well flippin done miss I am so proud of you ,I am so sorry for accidently deleting your comments of my new flickr meant a lot nath coz you knew how it feels to start something new .
big love jane x said...

So happy I discovered your blog. Wonderful inspiration. I will be back.

Anonymous said...

Oh fab news for Nath! I see my plate in this post too – am I allowed to be proud?!

Agatha said...

A great inspirational post - and I;m loving this feature!

Have a lovely weekend,

Agatha x

The Hausfrau said...

Fantastic! Great interview--so many fun things to see!

kristina - no penny for them said...

really enjoyed reading this interview!
love nath's work.

mise said...

Hurrah for Nath, who is ever so entertaining and will be a credit to Paul Smith.

Laura said...

What a lovely interveiw. You have achieved loads this year Nath. I am so happy for you and can't wait to share the next year. I'm sure it's going to be amazing. x