Friday, 16 January 2009

Top Ten things to do with old books

1. Make a decoupage bangle with the pages.

via Flickr

2. Make or buy a bookshelf.

3. Make gift tags from the pages, or buy them already made.

4. Group the books together and take a photograph, or buy this print.

5. Cut out the front and display a special collection.

6. Make a clock.

7. Use the pages for unique artwork, perhaps using a stamp, or buy some from someone more talented.

Bird stamp from Etsy

Hope it's ok by Michele Maule.

Or, for a bigger challenge, trying making this apple sculpture. Photo from, and tutorial at Creature Comforts.

8. Unleash your inner stylist. Tie them up with ribbon and make them just look pretty.

via A Field Journal.

Or trying turning them inside out for an interesting statement (although I'm not sure how you would find the title you need.)

via Daily Danny.

9. Frame a group of old-school covers.

10. Keep collecting more of a series, for a cohesive look. Guests will love to find a collection of their favourite childhood books in your guest room.

Top image via Flickr, bottom image via Oh Joy!

I'm taking part in the Friday blog party at Hooked on Houses - join in!

Speaking of parties, have a look at my top ten recipes for an inauguration party, inspired by Obama's favourite foods. I am having a party this Sunday afternoon, if you have any fun ideas let me know. So far I have Obama's favourite music, and a NY Times quiz on First Lady fashion.


Annabelle said...

My favourite is the cut-out one, looks so great! Although I'm not sure I'd want to cut up my books.

Good luck with the Inaugration party, hope you get a good crowd! I thought of something (that I'm doing at my party too), present guests with lais as they enter, splendidly kitsch and tacky!

I'm also using those red american "party cups" to serve with my Hawaiian punch! Thanks for the Hawaii idea also and for posting top 10 recipes.

sushi2 said...

Wow. I love your ideas. And the pictures are all fantastic and inspiring.

Gigi said...

Whoa- that's a lot of food for thought! I'm laughing at the idea of turning them inside out. Cute but NOT practical, like so many pretty things (I'm looking at you, high heels.)

imjacobsmom said...

That shelf is a cute idea and so is the clock. I am saving this for Jacob he loves to "tinker" with projects such as this. That apple sculpture sure is cute, I wonder how hard it would be to recreate.....

Char said...

I save mine for by the bed. I love my old books, as few as they may be.

Jackie said...

What a ton of great ideas! Love those bangles in the first pic.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love books, so I flipped over this post! Very cool photos and ideas. I'm amazed by how creative some people can be.

Thanks for joining my blog party and showing us these. Fabulous!!

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

I love the clock and the shelf! Great ideas...thanks for sharing them!

Carol said...

I adore books...and this post is totally magical! Thank you. I'm so glad I found your blog.

Gayle said...

Great ideas!

Ms. Tee said...

Wow - I also love books, so I'm always looking for new/pretty ways to display them. These are all great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. :)

KVC said...

Wow.....I am completely inspired and in awe of these ideas and creativity! Great post!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Loved this post! : )

Jen Ramos

'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Pretty Little World said...

I'm smitten with that bird stamp!! So cute!

The link doesn't go to it though -- where does that pretty little thing come from?