Thursday, 6 November 2008

Jonathan Adler sofa

I've just returned from being an election tourist in New York. It was fabulous - what can I say? I will always remember being there for this historic event. Tears were shed. People partied on the streets until the early hours. I am very privileged to have shared the experience with some lovely and gracious Americans who let me join in with their election night party.

While I was there, I also found love. With this Jonathan Adler Baxter sofa. Ever since I first found love with the Finn Juhl Poeten sofa, I have been looking for a sofa which is similarly grey, buttoned, but not too expensive. This is the one.

Unfortunately I've had to leave my love behind. I realise that Jonathan Adler is of international fame (well, I've seen his houses in UK magazines) but he doesn't yet have an outpost in the UK. My search continues.

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amy@inspirationchic said...

Yeah- the sofa is pretty great! Hope you had a great trip.
thanks for the poster tip-love them, posting about you-them today!