Sunday, 2 November 2008

Cookalong II - dinner party, credit crunch style

Following last week's Cookalong post, we were inspired to have a go at week 2. The menu was prompted by the current 'credit crunch' (anyone else bored of that yet?), with all three courses for four people coming in at under a tenner.

As guided by Lynne, we prepared in advance, but were still caught short. The minted pea and watercress veloute needed boiling water and we were caught unawares. When your kettle is chosen purely for aesthetic reasons (see photo), this is a problem. However the dish was refreshing, if a little lumpy. Perhaps better after a food processor rather than a hand held blender.

The best element of the menu was the lasagne. I thought that I would never deviate from my staple Jamie Oliver lasagne recipe, but this was so light and yummy. I shall definitely be making this again.

The desert was a very rich lemon and lime syllabub. Visually impressive, especially in my beautiful LSA glasses (birthday present courtesy of mum) but a little on the sickly side. Especially if you lick the bowl out, AND have a large portion...

Lynne is away.

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Rachel said...

I love the idea of a cook along! It sounds like so much fun. And that lasagna recipe looks amazing.