Sunday, 19 October 2008

Poeten Sofa by Finn Juhl

For at least three or four years, I have wanted to own a Poeten Sofa by Danish Designer Finn Juhl. I first saw it in a magazine, either Living Etc or Elle Decoration, and they sometimes stock the originals in Sigmar on the King's Road in London.

A reproduction is in manufacture - and the price I was quoted was £3,200 if you provide your own material. Sigmar currently have one original in stock, and I think it was £4,200 or £4,600. The original is wider than the reproduction.

This is out of my reach, even if I calculated on my regularly rolled-out theory of price per wear, (or price per seat.)

These are the alternatives I have found:

Designer's Guild Festival Sofa (although I don't really like this, it has quite a high back, and I think it is also quite expensive.)

Something different, but still buttoned; Heal's Mistral sofa. The photo above is small, but hopefully you will get the idea.

What do you think? Or if you know of another sofa which is similar, let me know. I won't be rushing out sofa shopping in the immediate future, but it would be good to have worked out my sofa strategy.


Anonymous said...

The sofa that Sigmar currently have in stock is a 4600 and it appears a little wider than the Poet.
The Poet that is produced today in Denmark has the exact same measures as the "original" from Ordrupgaard.

You can read about and see more Finn Juhl design at:

BR /The Poet

Lynne said...

They stock both the originals, plus the reproductions - which are from the licensed seller.

trish said...

I just found this post while googling for reproductions and was disappointed to learn that the reproduction cost was as out of the question as the original for me - but then I found this site:

£549! They've not quite got the shape right and the fabric seams on the back are disappointing but thought I'd post the link anyway.

N.B. I've no connection with that company and I've no idea if they are actually any good.