Tuesday 23 March 2010

Mid Century Modern

Some photos from the Midcentury Modern Fair on Sunday. It's held in Dulwich College, which is a famous school in beautiful grounds, so the setting is lovely.

Tip one: do not get there a minute after opening time - it quickly descends into chaos (plus, everything you want will be sold.)

I loved this tiny desk and chair.

Every time I go I check that this stall still has these vintage factory shoe stands, as I'm still saving for one for my kitchen.

A plan chest! And, in the foreground, the sofa that was not to be. My friend almost bought it, but couldn't make up his mind, and when he went back to enquire about delivery (five minutes later) it had just been sold. Apparently, I'm to blame because I did not sit him down and convince him it was an investment which would hold its value for years to come (important to someone who doesn't part with his cash easily) and was running round saying 'buy it, buy it!' at lots of things, sending him into a spin. In my defence, I told him to get it as soon as I saw it and I think a grown man should be able to make a decision. Tip two: if you see something you like, buy it straight away. It's an investment, and will hold its value for years to come.

The above items are all from Metro Retro.

Formica is one of my favourite materials, so I loved this Italian corner desk with a Formica top.

One day I'll have a buttoned sofa.

This desk setting caught my eye as I liked how it was arranged under a photo of a headmaster.

The fair also sells lots of smaller items, as well as new designers who have a retro aesthetic - I have a few posts coming up which will feature my new fair discoveries.

Tip three: don't go expecting a bargain (there are none, this is serious shopping) and tip four: if you miss out, don't worry - there's always next time!


Tonia said...

I shall pass on tip 2 to my husband who is all for walking away to think about it - he understands not the way of vintage shopping.

Em said...

I loved the first desk, I would like a silver locker to go with it please.
Em xx
P.s One day you will get the button sofa, I'm sure..x

kate said...

Oooo, lovely! I didn't go this weekend but went last autumn and saw so many gorgeous things I loved! :)

Clare said...

I love that sofa. Wish I went to the school that had that.

Brigitte said...

Tip Two kills me! I can't wait for summertime, when things get going again in Chicago.

Lynne said...

Emma, they had silver lockers too! From the same shop, Metro Retro.

Cat said...

Looks awesome!

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

hi lynne,

we went to the show too, shame we didn't bump into you. there was some really beautiful stuff there - we fell in love with so many things!

we shall look forward to your next posts about what you liked there.

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm coming too! Looks great! Ruth x

Anonymous said...

Wow there are some seriously lovely things there - I love that plan chest in particular! Thanks for sharing with us. To bad for your friend - but then that's us men for you - too dithery! LOL

tiffany said...

my fave is the buttoned sofa! love it.

xo tiffany

Unknown said...

Love this post, the sound advice and... the buttoned sofa.

Ah! perfect proportions!


Elizabeth said...

Oh gawd. I am dying with envy for the shoe racks. I saw one (almost identical to the one you're saving for) on Craig's List in San Francisco... and I missed it. I'm devastated, because I know it's not likely I'll ever see one again! Hope you're able to buy yours soon- post lots of pictures, but don't gloat too much! :)

Anonymous said...

The chair on the last picture looks great! So professional looking.