Monday 20 October 2008


Supernice is a shop on Columbia Road, London, which mainly sells a large selection of wall stickers. If you, like me, are one generation away from a mother who went a little OTT with wall stencils, you may not have embraced the wall sticker fashion. But some of the Blik designs are just so stylish that I'm starting to come around. If you can't make it to East London, their designs are also available online.

Ambition Killed the Cat.*

Birds of a Feather.
All of the sticker designs come in a really extensive range of colours.

Supernice also stocks a small range of other products, including these bold melamine plates.

They also have unpainted letters and letter tiles, which I am automatically drawn to, even though I can never think of a word I want to spell out. Considering that as a fully developed adult I must have a reasonably extensive vocabulary, I should be able to think of something. But not a word. Any ideas?

*Note, the only thing which spoils this sticker is the cat. I am not a cat lover. In fact, it was only yesterday that I told a decorator that I would have to replace my whole back door, because it has a cat flap. I have plenty to eat, a warm home, good health, and a lot of things which I am truly thankful for, every day of my life. But I can not live long term in a flat with a cat flap.

Images via Supernice.

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Jackie said...

Love the "Ambition Killed the Cat"!