Monday, 6 August 2012

Treat time

Recently, I've noticed that almost everything I've pinned to my wishlist has been jewellery. I need to rename it something more bejewelled. Which of these do you like? I haven't made any purchases yet, but it's feeling like treat time soon.

1. Kaleidoscope locket $65, 2. Blokkie $30, 3. Copper beaded necklace $30.99, 4. {current favourite} Dip dye necklace €24.90, 5. For kids, but isn't it pretty? Liv necklace $45.


kelly said...

oh the richness of those copper beads! so beautiful...i am feeling tempted. love the simplicity of that necklace. i'd really like to start wearing more jewellery. x

Michelle said...

Number 4 is catching my eye too.