Monday, 20 August 2012

Summer days

I've spent these last summer days (and a few days of holiday), cleaning, shredding, filing, and making! It's so satisfying! I love trips to the charity shop and late night wanders to the charity book bin at the supermarket. I'm also trying to rest, and enjoy the summer rays while they last. There's been too much talk of autumn around!

 New storage from Ikea - very painful to put together, in fact I had to give up {it's just about holding together as it is.}

{Evening sun - and I made this cushion at a Clarissa Hulse / Dalani evening. Actually I just looked blank, and had quite a lot of assistance.}

{Making freezer jam and natural yoghurt lollies - yum! And this time Ikea did the trick - haven't had any problems with their 99p lolly maker.}

Anyone else have stacks full of Living Etc from 2007 in their cupboards? Once upon a time, I didn't throw out magazines until I'd ripped out all the features I wanted to keep - but I'm over it.

{Photos: @teaforjoy on Instagram.}


Nikki said...

Those lollies look lovely, I must try them! That item from Ikea looks exceptionally hard to put together, even for Ikea! :)

Linda said...

Your cushion looks lovely! I have a pile of home magazines in the corner of our living room, I really don't know why I'm keeping them!After reading this maybe it's time to bring them to the charity shop x

Christina Lowry said...

Yes, sometimes one can accumulate too many magazines!

I feel your pain. A set of drawers we brought from Ikea almost lead to our divorce! :) One of the runners drawn in the instructions was upside down. My husband would not use the instructions and I thought he was just being stubborn. Argh!

found and sewn said...

I agree, lets enjoy summer while it's still here. love all your summer photos!


oh no no I keep all my magazines piles of them in fact, they are my treasure. ikea?? a not going area for me, I simply hate it way too much, the putting together drives me mad. Enjoy the rest of summer!

Callie Grayson said...

Ha! I had to laugh. I too am cleaning through my magazine collection and I have way to many!,,,,,,,,,I just need to either pour through and rip out what I want or pitch them. I am getting tired of the dust they collect and the space they take up, which now they are spilling into the living room eeeek