Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Love these...

....Harris tweed bags. In a total turnaround from my anti-autumn sentiments yesterday, I just came across these little bags by Breagha on Etsy and I want one! Normally they are around £65 but I just noticed these have 25% off until tomorrow, so thought I'd share now instead of filing away for colder times. My favourite is the green, how about you?


found and sewn said...

I love the bright pink one, but they are all lovely!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! My favourite is the green. I'm an autumn person. :-)

Your blog is so attractive. I love its diversity and style: something for everyone!

I have just started a new tea blog and have listed you as one of my LINKS I LOVE. I am going to be very selective with my links page, so just thought I would let you know that you made the cut. LOL

Best wishes,


Teresa said...

The pink and orange could be used to remember a never-ending-and-too-hot Summer ahahah.

All lovely, but I'm also ready to welcome those Autumn tones. And the green would work perfectly.

Thank you for sharing!

Emma said...

Gonna jump on the pink band wagon! They are all super stylish though and would look great with a nice hat to match I reckon :)

Polly Rowan said...

Ooh these are lovely! A slightly different take on the leather satchel. I think the green is very nice too. x

Callie Grayson said...

Loving that pink one!

Conversation Pieces said...

I have a mustard bag by them with a big bow on it... it's also quite good for when you hug your bag on your knees (usually on a bus!) as it's nice and cosy. (Ok, random but true!)

Jennifer Clutten said...

Oh WOW these are gorgeous. So striking and practical!

breagha said...

Hello Tea For joy

Thank you so much for writing about breagha on your beautiful blog. I shall be following you from now on!

Thank you again