Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shop tour: Lush

Some photos from the Lush shop in Greenwich, from a trip there on Saturday. Such quirky designs, from designers Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings, who also have a studio at Cockpit Arts. I also popped into the Painted Hall, which was stunning.

Mermaid lampshade, of course.

This fox made me think of Zoe.

Shop counter

Love pillowcases, and a wild pig sneaking in.

Hope your week has started well; I've just restrained myself from going out on an urgent search for cake. Maybe later...


Niki said...

Oh wow I love these. Especially the last image of the love pillow, and that fox is rather lovely too!

Thank you for sharing :)

Niki @ LQM&M

g. said...

i didn't know i needed a wild pig until now! :)

Brown Paper Packages said...

No no no no!! Cake now! Ps ... I'm telling all my crafter buds bout your W/tape deal) :-)

Manasi said...

So love the colourful pillow cases!

Cherisse @ Framing Spaces said...

What a beautiful patterns!