Thursday, 19 May 2011

Happy weekend + Papermash discount

Wrapping up early as we have summer hours and a half day at work every Friday - so I'm in weekend mode by Thursday evening! Have a lovely weekend! I will be last-minute panicking and trying a new recipe for a lunch party on Saturday, and wondering if I can master caramelised onions in time {any tips, so far they keep burning?}

A Friday treat, 15% off at Papermash until the end of tomorrow {Friday} with code tape. The above are new party banners I love! {I also think the Sweet Dreams banner is perfect for a baby's nursery.}

I haven't collected too many links recently, but this post on Topshop did make me laugh! Enjoy!


Michelle said...

When I caramelise onions I always start with a mid-temperature and put a lid over the pan, sweat them off a bit until they are soft (10 minutes or so) and then take the lid off and dry them up. Keep an eye on them though. Enjoy your early Friday.

Erin Lian said...

I caramelise onions by cooking them with lots of water first, does that help? :S Banners are cute :) I like that you have started the weekend early, I am going to too by having pan cakes for breakfast ;)

Kirsty {a safe mooring} said...

Oh, thanks so much for the link! What can I say, everyone loves a pair of brown crochet shorts.

Donna said...

Hi there, about your onions. If you are using butter add a splash of olive oil to the pot and it will stop the butter from burning. olive oil has a higher flash point and when added to butter increaes the flash point of that as well. Also you can caramelize at a low temp. It means that the onions will be on the stove longer and you will get a well developed flavour. Cook the onions slowly until they reach the stage you want.Add some salt at the start of the cooking time. This will extract juices, which have tha sugar, which will aid the caramelization. Bossy...I know. Good luck-love your blog. Donna

meggetscrafty said...

We play a highly competitive identify-the-most-offensive-item-of-clothing-on-the-TopShop-website game at work in quiet moments so that link made me smile.

Fabulous banners by the way! *Goes away to make very good use of the much appreciated discount*


Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

I think slowly is the key. I sprinkle with salt first and cook at low-medium temperature. Long and slow is the way to go.