Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blogs: Irish edition

A few Irish blogs for St Patrick's Day;

I have only just realised that Bridget Farmer is behind Flax Fox, but I have been reading her blog for a while. Bridget is a printmaker {the style of etchings above are available at this Etsy shop}, who is currently living in her home country of N. Ireland after several years in Australia, and her blog shares her work and inspirations.

City of Blackbirds is written by Eadaoin, whose photography I love {her dreamy prints are available on Etsy.} Eadaoin also has another blog {and I find one quite enough work!} which features less of her personal work, but more of the work of others, Blackbird & Shell.

I would love to hear of any other Irish blogs you can recommend. And, just a reminder, entries for the straw styling competition close this Sunday, 20th March.


Kiara King said...

Thanks for these recommendations, beautiful stuff.

I quite like these Irish blogs
and homebug

Helen said...

Two more lovely blogs to add to my reader, thank you. I just got lost in Bridget Farmer's etsy shop. I think I may have to put one of her prints at the top of my wish list.

HannahB said...

Hi Lynne- thanks for your comment- I replied over at mine but thought i'd say so here too (I never know the best way to reply to comments!)

Yes I do know about your project- mega mega excited to see it!and lovely boys too- flattered that they knew about my blog, I thought i'd be 'Dave's wife'!

HannahB said...

p.s gorgeous photogrpahy there. Plus another vote for 'pretty far west'. her writing makes me snort with laughter. You need to read her post on her idea of 'blogger monopoly' - a new (brilliant) version of monopoly:

"Instead of hotels and houses we'd amass etsy purchases and cupcakes. The unit of currency would be the 'follower,' ... One upcycled object would equal seven followers and three thousand followers would equal one Book Deal.
Players would be penalised for posting a poem of their own composition or a photo of their cat."

Eadaoin said...

Lynne thank you so much for including me in this St Patrick's Day feature :) I had not seen Bridget's work before, it's beautiful.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Lovely etchings. I will have to check out the etsy shop :) is a really nice Irish blog :). Also, be sure and visit my blog.