Saturday, 12 February 2011

Straw styling competition: Royal Wedding Street Party

I've decided to hold another straw styling challenge this year, {see last year's entrants and winners}, but to make it interesting, I am introducing a Royal Wedding party theme. I'm quite excited about the Royal Wedding {having had little interest in the couple until they got engaged} and thought this would be fun! Are any of you planning a street party?

I don't have one single idea myself, but I hope you can think of something, which doesn't have to be too complicated - perhaps just a red, white and blue theme, or a special celebration cocktail with straws?

The rules:
  • The competition is to style a photograph, using my striped paper straws.
  • You can submit two entries each, by uploading them to this Flickr group; feel free to link it to your blog in the text.
  • I will send each person 6 straws - 3 blue and 3 red. Please request straws by sending your name and address to with the subject 'straw styling.' Last date to request straws is 20th February, 2011.
  • Competition closing date is 20th March.
  • International entrants are fine.
The prize:
  • The winner will receive a £50 voucher for Papermash.
  • Two runners up will win one box of red, and one box of blue straws.
  • All entrants {who actually upload photos to Flickr, and which integrate the Royal Wedding Party theme} will receive a £5 voucher for Papermash, valid on orders over £15.
{Photo from last year's competition, by Kiwi Rose.}


domestikate said...

Ooh what fun! I'm not so excited about the Royal Wedding, but quite excited about a straw styling competition so I'll definitely be putting on my thinking cap! Love some of the photos from last year too :)

Tali Schiffer said...

I actually remember this competition from last year. Very cool! I am definitely planning to participate :)

anna and the ring said...

The straws make me happy! Count me in!

Sarah said...

Ooh I missed this last year and loved all the images, would really love to take part this year, cool theme, I love a good wedding! x

Alissa @ Gift Homemade said...

Great idea! I am also quite excited about the Royal Wedding this spring - though not quite sue what I will be doing yet ♥

Sophie Isobel said...

I'm so excited, I missed out on last year and can't wait to participate this time round! I'm off to search for inspiration.
Sophie x

Min said...

Is it all right to enter this year if you were in it last year? I really enjoyed the process and I like this new theme.

Lynne said...

Hi Min, Yes, of course. Lx

carpenter said...

exciting! thinking caps on!

George's Mum said...

I got my straws today--- and my lovely new reel of bakers twine I ordered.... Thank you :)

Will you be selling the Subway tape???