Monday, 11 January 2010

Style Resolutions Revisited: Mel from You are my Fave

This week we have a few more in the Style Resolutions Revisited series and then we'll move on to new interviews with some British bloggers. Today's participant is one of my personal favourites - Melanie from You are My Fave. I signed up to a Polaroid subscription last year and it was such a great gift to myself!

Here are her original resolutions:

Interior design/renovating: Our apartment can be best described as uncooked oatmeal-colored walls with cooked oatmeal and raisin (the stains) carpet - with a dash of puke-colored cabinets. Plus we’re lacking on space so I really need to learn to live with what I have and find ways to transform the dullness. My goals are to finish my gallery wall, get an area rug that’s bright, open the blinds more and organize, organize, organize. That, or I’ll win the HGTV dream home and not have to worry about it.

Gifts/Wrapping: I might be the world’s worst wrapper. So my goal is to only use three pieces of tape and to add colorful accessories to destract from the bumps.

Shopping/Fashion: I need to remix pieces in my closet. I need to buy investment pieces and get over my fear of spending over $30 on one item. I want to embrace the girly pieces that are in style right now.

And here's how she did:

The resolutions I sent to Lynne might be the only ones I fulfilled this year. My biggest accomplishment was some before and after magic that occurred in a mess of a corner. And the pull down map will become a permanent fixture in every home I live in so it was a good investment. I also redid my gallery wall and it looks much, much better.

As far as wrapping, I discovered patterned Japanese tape so it distracts from my lack of skills.

And my fashion has been remixed and constantly improves. Although I'm not ready to start a what I wear everyday type of blog because right now I'm wearing yoga pants and slippers. It's just good at least one day a week. This year I might increase it to two days.

Thanks Mel - I can very much empathise with your last resolution! To read Mel's full interview from last year, click here. Visit You are my Fave for lots of ideas which will become your favourites too. And although I won't be thinking Christmas again for at least eleven months, I can't resist posting a link to Mel's Christmas card - so brilliant!


Cassimus T. said...

how pretty! I loove the desk. My living room photo wall looks very similar to that! Lights and all :D

Two Flights Down said...

I love that desk! I'm living in Japan right now and you wouldn't believe all the creative uses for that patterned tape. Old boxes, for example, are covered in beautiful paper, using broad patterned tape as a border. These recycled boxes turned into storage boxes are so lovely.

You Are My Fave said...

Hooray for some resolutions I actually fulfilled! Thanks for making me accountable.

Becca-Lou said...

Beautiful navy desk - am very jealous

Karen said...

Wow, impressive that you did so well on these! Your apartment makeover looks great.

Helen said...

I adore that map! so pretty!