Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Style resolutions: Mel from You are my Fave

Well, I haven't quite had my fill of nosying round other bloggers' houses, so I've rebranded and repackaged my 'New Year's Style Resolutions' feature, so that I can carry on getting my fix. People have aims and objectives all year round, right? And with so many talented bloggers out there, I couldn't resist stringing this out as long as possible, albeit on a more infrequent basis.

Today's fine interviewee is Melanie from You are my Fave. I love her profile photo, and her relaxed style. I think we have very similar taste (ie impeccable), as often when I look at her Wednesday 'Spotted and Hearted' feature I see images I've noted and loved too!

Thanks Mel for taking part!

Style resolutions: Mel from You are my Fave

Q. What is your favourite recent design find/achievement?

A. I’m really happy with how the mix of our console table and mirror turned out. And what makes it even better is that we got both items for free! The table was found next to our dumpster and we just spruced it up with a coat of paint. The mirror was found in the closet of my parents' house. It was originally a shade of gold that could be compared to something in Liberace’s house. When I brought it home my husband said, “I’m not sure about that.” I told him to have faith and it turned out great.

Q. Do you have any design/style ambitions you want to achieve by the end of the year?

A. Interior design/renovating: Our apartment can be best described as uncooked oatmeal-colored walls with cooked oatmeal and raisin (the stains) carpet - with a dash of puke-colored cabinets. Plus we’re lacking on space so I really need to learn to live with what I have and find ways to transform the dullness. My goals are to finish my gallery wall, get an area rug that’s bright, open the blinds more and organize, organize, organize. That, or I’ll win the HGTV dream home and not have to worry about it.

Gifts/Wrapping: I might be the world’s worst wrapper. So my goal is to only use three pieces of tape and to add colorful accessories to destract from the bumps.

Shopping/Fashion: I need to remix pieces in my closet. I need to buy investment pieces and get over my fear of spending over $30 on one item. I want to embrace the girly pieces that are in style right now. I want to be Betty.

Q. Which are your favourite style blog(s)?

A. Oh bother, this is a tough one. There is so much goodness out there it’s hard to narrow it down. Let’s just say if I only have a few minutes to check my Google Reader the style blogs I instantly check are: Black Eiffel for guaranteed amazing design, Design is Mine because Summer is the queen of Flickr beauties, Frolic for prettiness everyday and Oh Happy Day for Jordan’s inspiring parties - I have her to thank for introducing me to the world of design blogs.

Now that this material is published, does that mean I have to follow through with my goals? Talk about motivation. Please prod me if I don’t change.


Anonymous said...

Awh Mel - Love it. And yeah. Now you totally have to follow through on your goals. ;-)

Rachel said...

Ha ha! I also have an oatmeal with raisins carpet and now I know how to describe it.

Karen said...

Love your polaroids! So cute. Looks like you're seriously underestimating the cuteness factor of your place :)

I'm an expert wrapper (even been compared to Martha by my friends, natch), so maybe I can teach you!

Alex Rushmer said...

Hi, saw your feature on top 50 food blogs on the times online, just wanted to say how great I thought it was. And you have a lovely blog!

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