Thursday, 17 December 2009

Designer Makers this Saturday

I have met Cassie of English Design & Co at a few events and I've always been impressed with how immaculate she is (! - something I can never quite achieve), and also how she promotes herself really well - not too pushy, but at the same time helpful and with all the information to hand. So, I know that the Designer Makers fair that she has organised in London this Saturday will be a great event. Cassie has assured me that there will be some new designers there who haven't done the rounds of all the craft fairs this season, so I am excited to see what talent I will discover. For more information about the event and it stallholders, see the event's blog here.


Truly Smitten said...

Goodness, I wish I lived in London to attend this event! Actually, I wished I lived in London. Period.
What a great blog you have =) Happy Holidays!

Cathy said...

This sounds like such a fabulous event! Will you post some photos, if you go? It's a bit of a looooonnnngg trip from my home in the USA to London for a crafts fair. Ha! I enjoy reading your blog!

Katherine Lee said...

lovely! thanks for sharing. i'm so pleased to have come across your great blog, i've added you to my link list over at urban flea. hope you can stop by sometime!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)