Friday, 3 July 2009

Style Resolutions: Barb from Knack Studios

I'm very excited to feature another Style Resolutions interview. Today's interviewee is Barb from Knack Studios. Barb is such a friendly soul, and her blog has lots of pretty finds as well as showcasing her own projects. I am a bit distracted by the first light pictured below - which she made from recycled garden fencing. It's totally my style. I wish I lived somewhere which had a porch like this, too.

Thanks Barb!

Style resolutions: Barb from Knack Studios

Q: What is your favourite recent design find/achievement?

A: My favourite design find right now would have to be all of the industrial wire lighting that I'm seeing. I love the modern yet laid back feel and the instant character they add to a room.

Q: Do you have any design/style ambitions you want to achieve by the end of the year?

A: As far as design ambitions this year, I would love to design one piece of custom furniture! It is my dream to design completely one of a kind pieces to add to my collection over the next bit of time.. still working on the details and the composition......we'll see! On a smaller scale, I'm thinking about designing a line of soft goods; pillows and dishtowels - a collaboration with my husband.

Q: Which are your favourite style blogs?

A: I could get in trouble here! I have lots of favourites! Sticking to just style/design blogs, just a few are: Design Sponge, Poppytalk, Apartment Therapy, Decor8, and Desire to Inspire.


orange sugar home said...

great interview. thanks for the tips on design sites. yeah! I am running out of time though...can't read them all!

Conversation Pieces said...

Great wee interview... also the nosy parker in me loves knowing what blog-world people look like! ;)

erin said...

wonderful interview from a wonderful blogger! xo.

our little love nest said...

What a fun interview. The design sites are some of my favourites too. xo

Miss A said...

great interview. happy 4th!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

what a lovely photo of barb at knack ... and of course all her wonderful works! thanks for sharing this interview ~
many warm wishes for fabulous fourth of july festivities!

paula said...

great interview! I just adore her work.

blue moss said...

what a great interview :)
my favorite, favorite pieces in my house are knack pieces!!....and barb's just a great girl too :)

malo said...

Great interwiew. I love her work and blog.