Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A very exciting discovery

Today at lunchtime I took myself out for a little walk. I didn't have a definite plan - I just wanted to walk outside in the sunshine and escape from my desk.

Well, as I walked aimlessly along (ok, perhaps aimlessly towards Top Shop), I suddenly noticed that there is another stamp shop beside my office - this one only two doors away! Who knew that central London was such a mecca for stamp collectors? And that their facades so seamlessly blend into the background (the other shop is across the street, but I've been walking right past this one every day and not seen it.)

I couldn't resist, and bought these lovely stamps for less than the price of a cupcake. They have so many things going in their favour; the green chevron design, the cherry orchard pattern, the fact that they were posted in Scotland (the most beautiful country in the world), that they reminded me of when 1/2 pences were still in circulation, a posted date from when I was a young slip of a thing - and even that they came in a bag advertising an upcoming stamp exhibition (put it in your diaries, lovely readers.)

I could go on (about how the stamps were classified into categories like lace (!) and how there is a beautiful cabinet exhibition displaying old letters) but I appreciate that not everyone is a serious stamp collector like me.

If you'd like to see who I love, then check out today's post at Layers of Meaning - it's the third installment of the Through Her Eyes series. It's been fun taking part, and there are some lovely bloggers taking part, so it's definitely worth a look.


Blair said...

Oh, those are adorable! I love discovering new little places.

Patchwork Harmony said...

I am totally feeling your stamp collecting thing! I am def gonna pop in one of those shops next time I am in the area... I have looked in the window before but never ventured in!

shelia day said...

How sweet.

The City Sage said...

Those ceramic milk jugs are too adorable for words! Sigh--springtime garden shows are my fave!