Monday, 18 May 2009

Maine and Manor

I've just discovered this new Etsy shop, Maine and Manor. I love the really bold designs, and the colours Johanna, the designer, has used.

These toy stack cards would make a great thank you card for children's gifts, don't you agree?

I've been getting a bit carried away with small things recently - so these mini cards are my particular favourite - I love the colour, and the 'shadow' effect of the graphic (plus I'm still holding firm to my opinion that Americans have prettier handwriting than the British, confirmed by the handwriting which is just peeking into this shot...)

Take a look and let me know if you agree...Oh, and Johanna has just started a blog too.


Lily G. said...

How adorable!

Conversation Pieces said...

Americans have prettier handwriting than the British?

I thought it was just teeth, tv shows and halloween that they did better than us ;)

Must admit my own handwriting is appalling... I blame 4 years of uni for that!

Miss Aimee said...

very cute. i have seen that before and love it all!

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

oh pretty!

Julia said...

I completely agree! VERY charming!

triona said...

love them. I'd love to see them in tea towels? and yes i agree, american handwriting is prettier-it's the hours they put into cursive lessons rather than just "joined up"!

Lynne said...

Triona - I agree - tea towels would be great!

Maine & Manor said...

Thanks so much for the PR! My sister in law stumbled across your write up when she googled me! I'm hoping to make tea towels this year, so I'll keep you posted. Funny thing: I learned to write in England!
Thanks again. I really enjoy your blog. - Johanna