Monday, 30 March 2009

Tea of the Week and a Bright Week ahead

I will let you into a little secret. I don't know that much about tea. I drink a lot of it, but it's usually the standard Tetley tea variety, with the occasional bout of peppermint, camomile, green and hibiscus (which I read was very good for women.) But I love going to tea shops, collecting tea cups, and I do drink five or six cups a day. I can't differentiate that much between brands. Chide me if you will, but for me a lot of it is about the packaging. My current favourite for a little dinner party gift is still Teapigs, but as I am participating in Concrete and Honey's 'Bright Week' I thought that these teas from Today was Fun would make for a perfect Tea of the Week.

How to make me happy? Just tie something up in string, and you're almost there. I love the expectancy tea - what a thoughtful gift it would make for one of my many pregnant friends.

So, a bright week ahead. Something to focus the mind on. Look out for at least one 'bright' post every day this week. I hope it will also be literal - we had hailstones and thunder on Saturday - the beginning of British Summertime.


natasha said...

Happy Bright Week, Lynne! I don't drink much tea either, lol, but am a sucker for lovely packaging. These look great! :)

celebritycircus said...

You know Whittard of Chelsea right? There closed now but for Christmas i got the most beautiful coffee set with really interesting packaging. It was designed like a set of drawers and each draw had a different ground coffee from Guatemala, France, etc.
You'd actually love it.

Pattie said...

Wow what a great idea!! And, those are some awesomely packaged teas

mandi said...

I love tea, and pretty packages and these are lovely! I have to admit im a sucker for that marketing as well...It is decor and a tasty beverage all in one! :p

Two Flights Down said...

I love tea and have grown addicted to brewing loose leaf tea (being in Japan has made that more economical...). I do miss the variety, though. I have to go to international stores in order to get fruit teas, chai tea, etc. I'm a big sucker for packaging, as well. I also buy many tea canisters for storing loose leaf tea, because I love the way they look. I'm also a sucker for tea pots. At a restaurant here, I fell in love when the waitress brought out chrysanthemums in a clear tea pot and brewed it over a candle. The image of the flowers opening up over the candle was breath-taking. Then, we got to drink it in!

RhiannonM said...

I am participating in Bright Week too! Let's see how well we all do together in making everything a bit brighter for a while! : )

Blair said...

Love the idea of a bright week! The packaging and concept behind that tea is just lovely! I love tea too but definitley don't really know all too much about it--especially compared to my coworker that has loose tea for every ailment (I am especially intrigued by the one containing rosebuds).

Charmie said...

Hi Lynne,
Love the packaging too, but am also a big tea cup fan, specifically Shelly cups, the Dainty pattern. Check them out. They are beautiful. By the way, a great tea that has not a bit of bitter in it and is great for iced tea is one from England called Rose Tea. No, it does not taste like roses! (The one at the Huntington Gardens does, though!) Packaging... not so pretty! But, your site sure is! Have a Bright Week yourself!

blossom said...

these are so lovely, perfect start to bright week
how completely mad was that hailstorm on saturday??
take care for now xx

Becky said...

Hi! You asked for comments if we stop by, so I'm doing so. I found your blog by perusing the "Blogs of Note" on Congrats for being listed there!

Your blog is beautiful. I'm not sure what "bright week" is but I saw it elsewhere, too, and enjoyed that post as well.

I, too, love daffodils, and am waiting for my rather shaded front flower beds to yield to the season and let mine bloom! They are visible all over town here, and I just love them. My daily photo blog actually features these gorgeous yellows today, as well: Stop by and say hello! Take a look at some daffodils blooming on the other side of the world.

Happy Bright Day!