Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Andrew Tanner plates

Recently I have toyed with the idea of collecting plates, to hang on a wall in my kitchen. There would be a huge mental barrier to overcome, as my mother went a bit crazy with buying decorative plates in the 1990s - and she keeps asking us every time we go home which of the designs we want to inherit (answer: none - I'm not into country scenes, dogs, or horses.) She thinks they will have appreciated in value, but I am not that convinced by her investment strategy.

Anyway, so far I have two lovely plates, not quite enough to call them a collection or feel I have committed to the idea. But I am tempted by some of the plates I see around, like these Andrew Tanner plates. Not that surprisingly, my favourite is the one with the birds.

Top two photos via Apartment Therapy.


The Cherry Blog said...

Those plates are fantastic! I love them! xx

Anonymous said...

That's my favorite too:) Very cute!

Rachel said...

Ha ha! I admit that I shuddered when you mentioned collection plates. I involuntarily picture country scenes and frolicking dogs as well. But these plates are so amazing that I can totally see the point of a collection!

Brittany Noel said...

These are way better than "collectible" plates. I don't envy your situation with inheritance of them!