Monday, 12 January 2009

Tea of the week: Farouche's teacup cards

Credit crunch chic: 20 personalised teacup cards for $25, from Farouche.

I also love the typewriter option:

And I want to learn to bake, just so I can buy these personalised baking labels (only $15 for 30.)

Finally, for a non-traditional gift tag, how about these?

All images via Farouche.


hello said...

Lynne, I'm a bit excited - you visited my website, so I'm visiting yours and I discover that after months of searching the world for the green kitchen image - ITS HERE! Oh its joyous. My next kitchen will be this green, it will. Rachel. ps your blog is beautiful

Annabelle said...

Wow, I just bought some great stationary from Farouche on etsy last month... I should post some pics soon.
I got personalised cards, some funny corny pick up line cards and some quirky victorian gift cards they're great! Cool designs!

Char said...

how adorable!!! I've never seen that shop before. I really must visit there.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Oh and I love that last tag....I hate to say it, but this birthday was the most fun because of karaoke. Poor people I tortured with my singing! Lol