Monday, 12 January 2009

Style resolutions 2009: Sofia Barao

I really am having an exciting time with all of the style resolution interviews. All of my participants write blogs which I check daily, so I have been thrilled to learn more about them (especially if their answers involve flea market finds - my favourite.) If I haven't asked you to participate, and you know I read your blog, it's only because you have written about resolutions already in 2009 - please don't feel sad and left out.

I've noticed that a lot of people are aspiring towards French chic for 2009. Unfortunately I suspect that I can't pull it off (for a start I look like death warmed up in black and grey) and sadly, my style icon is closer to being Liz Lemon from 30 Rock (showing less cleavage) than La Femme.

Today's interview affirms what I already know to be true. Sofia Barao is a super-chic visual artist living near Paris, with a beautiful blog which shares her inspirations. I especially love the mixed media artwork she sells in this Etsy shop, and have had my eye on the print above for quite some time. I also love the dress picture which Sofia won in a recent giveaway - it is delightful.

I'm thrilled to start off the week with someone so stylish - merci beaucoup Sofia!

Style resolutions: Sofia of Sofia Barao

Q. What was your favourite design find/achievement of 2008?

A. I think I'll say the big Paris school map from the 40's that I found last year at a flea market. I love it so so much. I'm always going to flea markets when they start here in the spring. I can't wait for February and March so that a new year of brocantes starts all over again.

Q. What are your style resolutions for 2009?

A. For my interior at the moment I don't have any resolutions because we are trying to see if we can move from the apartment we live in now. I don't know if this is something we will be doing this year or in 2010.

But in a fashion manner, yes, I do have a resolution that started out last December 31st; to do my hair more often in the 1915's style. I love love this. This year here in France there will be 2 movies in the cinema about Coco Chanel and I think this 1900's style is going to be big. Look, just like Audrey Tautou's hair here in the photo (she will be playing Coco). Also, bows will be in again (I love them, in the photo you can see a bow necklace that I'll be adding to my new Etsy shop soon).

Q. Which style/design blog(s) will you be reading in 2009?

A. A lot. Lately I've been reading Design is Mine, it really is my style!


Char said...

it's ok - I'm not french in my style of dress either, I just don't have the jolie for that. but I do love it.

Rachel said...

Love the hairstyle resolution.