Saturday, 31 January 2009

It's not easy being green

So far this year, I have really been getting into yellow, but I also love this vibrant green. I have a fireplace wall in a bedroom which would be perfect for wallpapering, but it isn't straight and my decorator doesn't allow me to paper it. But something like a panel of these wall stickers would still work well and wouldn't accentuate the curve of the wall so much.

I love that this is essentially an all-white bathroom, but a few touches of green just make it look fresh and cheerful. Revisit this post if you would like more wall sticker inspiration.

Picture via Easy Living.


Tina said...

this bathroom is so gorgeous! i love white & colour equally as much so a white base with pops of colours is my best combo!

nkp said...

That green is so refreshing and such a dramatic statement in this simple, beautiful space.