Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A special birthday

Last night I cooked dinner for a good friend's 40th birthday. Becca, a mutual friend of the birthday boy, was responsible for this table decoration, rustled up at the last minute with the contents of my craft cupboard. I was very impressed, especially with the place settings - stapled ribbon with name labels glued on, made from brown paper. I wish you could see how she artfully arranged a single rose on the plate with his slice of birthday cake (resplendent with candles and sparklers) but I have been banned by the birthday boy from any further distribution of the photographs.

I almost cooked Rachel's coconut rice pudding but due to Jamie Oliver's recipes being very labour intensive, I ran quite a lot behind schedule. The food was very good all the same.


Char said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm, lucky friend! how lovely

Rachel said...

So creative! The nice thing about the coconut rice pudding is that the ingredients don't go off - so you can simply stick them in the pantry for another time.

sam becca and zach said...

the food was amazing!!... thanks Lynne. and thanks for your kind comments about the table decorations... thoroughly enjoyed being let loose with all your creative materials :)


Miss Aimee said...

sounds so fun! To be an adult again. we live in such a kid world around this house. A dinner party sounds just lovely!

Kristy said...

Hi! I just followed the link from City Sage over here from your Blogger Book Love post.

I love what I've seen on your blog! And I'm a big Jamie Oliver fan. Which recipes did you make? I'm always on the look-out for tasty new dishes, and I haven't made any of his in a while.