Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Brown paper but not the string

Last weekend, I rushed to Woolworths, (sadly, on its way out of the British High Street), desperate to stock up on those items which I just won't ever be able to buy anywhere else, of course. Four light bulbs, a cork board, and three rolls of brown paper later, and my mission was accomplished (unless tie-dying comes back into fashion and I've missed my chance to stock up on Dylon dyes.)

So, brown paper. In this age of austerity, I've seen fabulous brown paper items popping up all over the place (a recent magazine article even suggested wallpapering with brown paper, not sure about that myself.) I'm adopting brown paper as my signature wrapping - although not sure if it should be shiny side up or down - what do you think?

I love this parcel, seen on Abbey Goes Design Scouting (also love the customised Bic pens, and this adorable paper cut circus - she's on a roll, that Abbey.)

And I have design scouted my own brown paper (or manilla) find; I love these gift tags from Paperleaf's Folksy shop (that's a British version of Etsy, did you know.) They're cheap too - only £1.3o for 5, and they're made from recycled paper - what more could you ask?

Now I come to think of it, when I was a child I invented a game called the 'Brown Paper Bag Game' which was featured on a children's TV show called Why Don't You? I wonder if it was the brown paper which appealed to me more than the rules of the game.

And then there's the string - but I think that deserves its own post, without the brown paper stealing its limelight. Watch this space.

If anyone can remember where I might have seen instructions on how to make a brown paper Christmas wreath, can you let me know? Because of course I am just itching for another DIY project which I won't finish, having failed miserably at making my own advent calendar (I wanted to use quotes, as well as chocolate, and you can't imagine how difficult it is to come up with 24 meaningful quotes at the drop of a hat.)

Top image via Simple Lovely.


Anonymous said...

YES to brown paper! I just bought a HUGE roll of red and white twine, and I'm going to wrap ALL my gifts in brown paper and tie it with the twine. So simple, so clean, and so stylish too!

Great little round up of inspiring pics :)

Rachel said...

Those gift tags are lovely! I would snap them up immediately.
I love using brown paper and tying it up with colored embroidery thread.

Top Bird said...

I'm wrapping all my presents this year in brown paper. Must make a trip to Woolworths before it closes. xx

Anonymous said...

I just bought brown paper from WHSmith last weekend, eith the intention of wrapping all Christmas presents in it this year! Those gift tags are lovely I might have to look for something similarly inspiring....
Ruth S

Annabelle said...

Have filled me with much inspiration re: christmas wrapping! Somehow brown paper is now cool! Shall certainly be following your trend, keep up the great posts.