Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Room reveal: my kitchen so far

2008 was a year of major home improvements for me; a new kitchen, bathroom, and wooden floors throughout. Unfortunately I didn't take many 'before' photos - but everything is a dramatic improvement. My kitchen and bathroom are both really modern, but I actually do like things which have a bit more character. Now the basics are done, I can concentrate on injecting more personality with quirky and vintage accessories.

Before: a manky old kitchen and laminate floor. There are three windows, two doors and two chimney breasts in this room, so it was quite awkward to get a layout which worked, even though it is quite a decent-sized kitchen.


I have had several requests for a comfy chair in the corner beside the fireplace. I would like to get a chair upholstered in this Marimekko tree fabric - but the kitchen might not be the place for it. I think a pattern with mustard in it would work well with the colour of my walls.

Then I would like this crate to store magazines and newspapers in.

I have a Quooker boiling water tap, which gives instant boiling water, totally making my kettle redundant. It is brilliant - worth every penny and apparently it's more eco-friendly than a normal kettle as it costs less to run. The normal tap has a pull-out hose which is useful. I went for a stainless steel finish for both, as an alternative to chrome.
At some point I would like a different table and chairs (the chairs are from Ikea and have been half-painted for about seven years now) but they are pretty far down my shopping list. I like these Tolix chairs - I have seen them in yellow and am considering a bold colour move, but I will probably go for the basic steel colour.

These chairs are in a cafe called Mojo on Perry Street in New York.

You've seen it before - my fireplace with stainless steel brushed tiles. I have thought of painting this wall with blackboard paint, but I may just hang decorative plates and a clock instead. What do you think?

I will change the back door at some point - I could just paint it - but I hate cat flaps - it has to go. The back door leads out to steps which lead down into a garden (my flat is on the first floor.) There is a nook next to the door in which I want to get a set of open shelves built - to store my cookbooks.

Originally I didn't want a kitchen with any overhead units - I just wanted open shelves. But I had to compromise as there isn't too much storage space - I have my boiler, fridge, dishwasher and washing machine hidden behind doors, so a lot of what you can see isn't storage. So, instead I want to have a dresser or open shelves unit so that I can display crockery, and give the room a bit more of a vintage vibe.

Something like one of these:
1. From Castle Gibson.

2. From Castle Gibson.

3. From Metro Retro.
4. From Metro Retro.

5. From Bailey's.

Which style do you like the best? Do you prefer open shelves or a cabinet behind glass? Please mull it over, and let me know. There is plenty of time to contemplate - any further purchases or improvements are on hold for a while. But it's a good idea to know what you want in advance, all the same.

If I do have a sudden and significant influx of cash, I will be rushing at least to copy this idea, which I have mentioned before (I still think they are brilliant.) These stools are from Ikea, and painted with normal eggshell paint. They may be my credit crunch concession to interior design.

Photo via Design Sponge.

However, I have always wanted to buy something from Unto This Last, and I have had my eye on these stools for a few years.

Still, at least I have a general vision for the kitchen. After that, I'm starting on the spare bedroom, where my decorator has trashed my vision for wallpapering the fireplace wall in a beautiful bird wallpaper, as he says it is not straight. I think he may have a point, but I'm not willing to totally eliminate my idea just yet.


Char said...

I like the idea of open cabinets and have one of my own...though not as cute and lovely as these. I really love those chairs from mojo.

joanita said...

i really love room reveals. go check my blog out , i just revealed my guest room. 2009 will bring new improvements for sure! love it....

Anonymous said...

What a GORGEOUS kitchen you now have Lynne! I'm totally drooling...if the doorbell rings in the next few days, it's me come to pop in for a cup of tea---from your boiling water faucet of course!

I LOVE the chairs, definitely worth waiting for. And of all the cabinets, the first one is my fave. It has that bit of industrial edge but it's still refined...

Jackie said...

Wow Lynne, great job in your kitchen! It looks fab! All of your ideas are great too. I think you should paint the wall around your fireplace in chalkboard paint, it would look great. And my vote for shelving goes to the last one from Bailey's. I like the industrial look of the aluminum, with a bit of the rustic wood mixed in. Can't wait to see how the rest turns out.

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

I love the openness of your new kitchen. Very inviting. Thanks for all the great links too, I'll be checking them out now:)

Wishing you a very happy and blessed 2009! ~Melissa Lewis, Off The Wall

Quail said...

Castle Gibson is probably my favourite shop in the whole of London, and that's saying something. We have about 5 major peices out of the CG shop. For various reasons these days, I have access to derelict shop units and have been collecting vintage pieces of furniture for free! I've saved beauitful items from certain skip death! I love free!