Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Review of the year

Well, what's December 31st for, if not a review of the year, and my 200th post. In the last six months, I've been hugely inspired by the blogs I've read, and encouraged by the interaction in the blogging world. I've selected some of my favourite posts of the year - I hope you enjoy.

House tours I loved:

My favourite house tour - I just want to copy, copy, copy.

I love the display of old cameras in this post, old plant bracket as a light, and the birdcage as light fitting.

And more birdcages in these Norwegian-styled rooms.

I wish I owned the lockers in this house tour.

Things I actually bought after I read about them online:

A typewriter print by Perla Anne.

The bird print from Isoprint.

Things on my wish list:

One of Dahl and Dane's 'I Heart' bags.

Other things I loved:

These surprise advent stationery bags.

This wedding - love the maple syrup favours.

Recipes I've tried and loved:

Cabbage gratin (hit of the year.)


A blog which never fails to make me laugh.

I loved participating in the list project.

I love all these blog posts.

I admire the patience it must take for embloggery.

I want to picture mosaic me.

I enjoyed all of these Christmas interviews.

And this blog's film review of the year.

I'm jealous of Jade's upcoming adventure.

And Jack's...

I wish I'd been invited to the Candy Lane Party.

But I did get to go for afternoon tea at Liberty.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Photo via Design Sponge.


Miss Aimee said...

Happy New Year!!!

Char said...

Happy New Year!! What a wonderful list to stroll through - I can see from a quick peek lots of things that I love.

Brittany Noel said...

Oh my goodness so many links! The embroidered Facebook rejection is amazing! I want one. Perfect.

Happy new year!!