Wednesday, 19 November 2008

RCA Secret 2008

Yesterday I went to the RCA Secret exhibition.

I've picked one out. It isn't the one above.

I am not around on Saturday, so a friend who might go has been instructed to purchase on my behalf. I think I have picked out Damien Hirst.

My friend is only going if she wins a raffle place (you can enter a raffle to get to the first 50 of the queue.) Last year, a mutual friend of ours won the raffle, bought 3 postcards and got Yoko Ono, Quentin Blake and another famous artist (I can't remember who.) He must have the eye.

I do too. I expect I will have good news to report on Monday, if my friend does go, if the postcard I want is still unsold, and if my hunch is correct.

UPDATE: Damien Hirst is not participating this year. He was mentioned in all the early press for the event, so I wonder if this could be some kind of decoy.

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amy@inspirationchic said...

this is so great. I love it. sounds fun-too bad you can't go. I am sure your friend will do well for you.