Friday, 7 November 2008

Party outfit

This is me, in my new party outfit, or well, anytime outfit. I like to integrate as much shine and sparkle into my life as possible. I bought the raw silk skirt in the summer at Housing Works, but I have just had it altered.

When I went outside in this, a girl literally walked out of the next house in the street wearing the exact same colour combination. She looked a little more cool, it's fair to say, with a strapless dress, a headpiece and a huge bunch of flowers, but her colour combination was exactly the same, with a green dress and pink tights.

I was going to the late opening at the Brooklyn museum, which happens one Saturday night each month. I highly recommend this - it was so much fun. They have a DJ playing music for two hours; and there are all kinds of cool characters strutting their stuff amidst the European art.

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