Thursday, 6 November 2008

Guest bloggers

Post election, there is very little to excite me. Back in London, it is damp and miserable, in stark contrast to walking around in New York's sunshine just a few days ago. I've been incredibly privileged to have been on a career break since the end of March, but it looks like I will be going back to work next week. So, in an attempt to make some of my own excitement, look out for a few more guest bloggers appearing over the next few days. Hopefully they will give me a little time to get over my jet lag (and excruciating pain - more on that later.)


Alicia said...

Thanks for the compliment! Glad to have an admirer from so far away! Your blog's adorable.

Mrs.French said...

the sweetest blog...I hope you feel better soon...I'll be back...xo