Thursday, 27 November 2008

Cockpit Arts Holborn this weekend

Every six months, I have a routine of going to the Cockpit Arts Open Studio, a collective of workshops of different artists and designeers. I am a creature of habit; I always buy tea towels, cards, and cute children's t-shirts, from Petra Boase, at bargain prices. Her baby t-shirts make perfect newborn gifts.

Every time, I look longingly at Claire Coles' wares, and wonder if a day will come when I can commission her artwork. Until then, I might pacify myself (and her - I have the same conversation with her every time, it's getting to be quite embarrassing) by buying one of her beautiful bird brooches. And then I stop off at the cafe for a mulled apple juice and slice of pizza.

The images below are buy designers exhibiting this weekend. The studios have two locations, in Holborn, Central London, and Deptford, East London. Open weekend for the Holborn location is this weekend, with late opening today and tomorrow until 9pm, and until 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Swarovski crystal and jet ring by Jacqueline Cullen.
To do list by Yoyo Ceramics.


amy@inspirationchic said...

happy thanksgiving

The Clothes Horse said...

That ring is like 10 kinds of awesome.