Saturday, 29 November 2008

Blogger formatting problem

Can anyone help with my blogger problem? Everything in my right hand column has moved to the bottom! In the "add page elements" page, everything is still in the right hand column. I even tried changing the template, but no luck. Any ideas?

UPDATE: It's back, yippee! I deleted all of my blogroll in the process so if you've swapped links with me, and you don't see yourself there, please let me know so i can reinstate.


Helen Cuthbert said...

Something must have happened to your html. I won't even begin to admit that I know anything about this though, so I might not be much help! Wht I tend to do in these situations is google it, there are bound to be other people out there with the same problem and someone must have solved it for them? Or contact blogger?? It's all very strange!
By the way I went to high tea of highgate today was soooo pretty. I will email you when I get a spare minute. Helz

Char said...

I hate it when that thing gets all messed up! glad it worked out for you.

Mariƫlle said...

Thank you for the comment! I really like your blog, do you wanna swap links?

Vivian said...

Hi! Thanks for you comment on my blog, glad to hear you share my love for Uniqlo! It's a great idea to change the buttons- I might steal your idea!