Monday, 13 October 2008

Tea of the week: tea with friends

I felt very special when my friend Emma invited me for tea and then told me she had 'baked in my honour.' These fairy cakes had lemon cream icing and were delicious. I could try to bake something like these, but I am already inundated with the to-dos from my list. Maybe next year. I blame my mother for my lack of Nigella skills as she never taught me to bake; this is a woman who thinks that Uncle Ben's sweet and sour sauce goes well with chicken and pasta.*

The thing with fairy cakes is that it is impossible to just eat one. And it's rude to only eat one, I firmly believe, if the host has sweated blood and tears to make them (and got her boyfriend to cream the icing.) I think I had three.

*Her talents, of which there are many, lie in other areas. She says "You can't be good at everything," and then proceeds to reel off a long list of things she is good at...

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