Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Patricia Field for M&S

So, it's just about time to go to bed. Except that online ordering for the Patricia Field collection for British institution Marks and Spencer launches in 25 minutes.

I saw some of the outfits on GMTV this morning, and they are definitely strongly inspired by the outfits in the Sex and the City movie. In fact, they are very similar. There is a black dress with a huge flower, almost identical to Carrie's white dress she wears in the opening scene, and a blue minidress with long, floating chiffon sleeves, like the blue dress she wears for the baby shower. In fact, it looks like it might be the one which Field is wearing in the above picture.

This link will take you to the catwalk show, but there don't see to be any images available, which is why I haven't posted any photos - and a streaming cold/allergy is sending me to bed. My blogging responsibilites are cast aside in favour of a hot water bottle and a duvet. I'm not always a fan of wearing celebrity knock-off designs, but if you don't mind, then by the time you read this, there's a strong likelihood you will be able to order here. I will update tomorrow.

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