Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Free greetings card

I'm fed up with the credit crunch. I'm just watching a TV report of job losses so far this week. It's doom and gloom, and what is even more depressing is that no-one I know has thrown a Depression party.

While I'm sitting at home, not spending money, using up those lost-forgotten items in my food cupboard, and not going to a Depression party, I'm planning to use this fabulous free download for making your own cards and gift tags, generously provided by Creature Comforts. I'm sure that someone I know needs cheering up, right around now.* Thank you Creature Comforts!

I would love to receive one of these myself, if anyone is feeling creative and interested in credit crunch correspondence!


Anonymous said...

I think a snail mail exchange is just what we need right now! A return to simple pleasures in all this doom and gloom...I saw those downloads as well and just adored the idea!

And really, what is the cost of a stamp when you can make someone far away smile?

Lynne said...

I know, I was trying to think of something which would work in the blogging world, but which couldn't turn too much into some kind of chain letter/privacy issue gone wrong...any ideas?