Friday, 24 October 2008


Yesterday I bought a new candlestick. My friend Emma* bought me this candle, made from beeswax, at an eco fair in Balham. It smells delicious. Anyway, the other day she came round, and saw the candle sitting on my bookshelf. She told me off for carelessly disregarding her gift, but in fact I knew exactly where it was, and it was just waiting for a candlestick to use it.

Buying a candlestick was always on my list of things to do, but I will admit the reprimand got me to the shop a little quicker. This one (I bought a pair) is from Marks and Spencer. I can't find the equivalent online, but it is from their Winter Frost Christmas collection. I really like the simple elegance and the mirrored top.

*Emma is of Apartment Therapy fame. This is from her house. Ok, I put it on there. Since then, I have become a bit of a blog stalker in her house, bringing my camera and asking 'Can I take a picture of this for Apartment Therapy?' I had their dining room all lined up; it has a dark stained floor, grey walls, a striking artwork on the wall, but I was denied permission. Why? Because the lampshade wasn't deemed fit. I have my eye on that room though - I will definitely post a picture here when it passes the test.

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designloverlondon said...

You are hilarious! But I am much much happier now that the candle has a home, and is not hidden under a pile of papers. Like the candlestick holder.

By the way, I am still working through your stash of magazines. Thank you Lynne, for helping me through these credit crunch times ;-)