Saturday, 13 August 2011

Have a calm weekend + links

A crazy week, with riots, being sent home from work, community solidarity and clean-up, empty streets, and then, quickly, everything seemingly back to normal... Hoping for a calm weekend, hope you have one too.

*Must-have tea-towels {via My Friend's House}
*SO jealous of this Prince Edward Island cottage {Gilbert, anyone?}
*The prettiest recipe video there ever was {via Looking to Cook.}

Photo: Florist by Andy Kirby.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love the wrapping paper! AND the pretty little PEI cottage. I was there once, and I imagined Gilbert pretty much everywhere! Swoon. It's the loveliest little island.

Becky said...

Well that video for beetroot cake is just beautiful. Peaceful, elegant, and a reminder of the small things in life after such a crazy week. Hope all ok your end.

p.s you're right service is v. bad a Dishoom pop up, I much prefer the actual restaurant on St Martins Lane. But I like sitting on the Southbank, pretending I'm in India!

Erin Wallace said...

Happy to hear that all has calmed down in London. What a week it mist have been for you! I am in love with that sweet cottage on PEI as well; what a gorgeous place to have a vacation home.

Anonymous said...

Oh that beetroot cake video is beautiful. Have you seen Rachel of elephantine ( 's recipe videos? Also very beautiful - would highly recommend them!

Lisa-Marie said...

Can I please live in that cottage? I love the Anne books :) I was a bit enraged this week to find out that someone has written a book called 'Before Green Gables'.

I have had a very calm weekend, hop you have too :)

JenRussellSmith said...

Beautiful cottage! I've always wanted to visit PEI after loving the Anne books but worry it won't be like it is in my head!

Moni said...

Like your blog!