Thursday, 9 September 2010

When mum comes to visit

Garden cleared {if I had a before photo of the evil ivy overtaking everything, you would be very impressed.}

Mum hangs my picture with baker's twine {not sure about that idea, but it's resourceful, although I did have it artistically propped on the fireplace for a reason.}

Mum updates the memory board.

Lots of shopping with my cousin, buying belated presents - this one is only a month late {slightly dodgy corners on my wrapping}.

Come again soon!


Carolyn Carter said...

Mum's the word!

Unknown said...

I am liking the bakers twine idea! Mmmm Kx

Anonymous said...

Awww... love the twine idea - let us know if it holds!

nath said...

is that parcel from you to you?

Lynne said...

CP - it holds well. And Nath, no, my best friend is also Lynne!

Sandy said...

Oh Mom's and their "helping." Definitely sounds helpful, even if you didn't really need the help in the first place. And your garden bit is lovely!