Sunday, 31 January 2010

Style resolutions: Louise from Glitterball

The end of the month has arrived and with it the last of the Style Resolutions series. I'm so pleased that it's getting a little lighter in the afternoons and am hoping some sunshine will stir me out of my January slump. A lovely interview to finish with; Louise from Glitterball, a blog with inspiring fashion and interiors finds. Thanks Louise!

Style resolutions: Louise from Glitterball

Q. What was your favourite design find/achievement of 2009?

2009 was the year that I became more than a bit obsessed with Etsy (sooo many weekend afternoons were spent trawling through the Treasuries), so it’s rather fitting that my favourite design find was from there. Back in the spring I bought a silk swing dress for my cousin’s wedding from Etsy seller, Nod to Mod Vintage. I’m such a fan of vintage clothing but have always struggled to find pieces that fit me really well. I usually end up buying pieces that look beautiful but just seem to hang wrong and I can’t find the heart to return them. This dress, however, fit like an absolute dream, came in the most beautiful rosemary green colour and is ridiculously light to wear. My perfect dress.

Q. What are your style resolutions for 2010?

My main style resolution for 2010 is to start redecorating the flat that my boyfriend and I moved into last year. We are so excited to get rid of our rather damp stained magnolia walls! The main challenge will be to find a style that melds both of our tastes. He’s more of a minimalist whereas I need splashes of colour and like a home to feel very warm and cosy, so the ultimate goal is to find some kind of compromise that manages to reflect both of our styles. I think we’ll be sticking to white walls to lighten the flat and then warming things up with cushions like these from Niki Jones and framed photographs from Alicia Bock.

Q. Which style/design blog(s) will you be reading in 2010?

This is a tough one as I’m constantly in awe of how many inspiring blogs there are out there, but in 2010 I’ll be sticking to some of my long-term favourites. In terms of interiors, Desire to Inspire always features a great range of photographers and is a constant source of inspiration. Delikatissen is a blog that I came across late last year and collects pictures of some of the best interiors out there, and I also love The Rockstar Diaries, which isn’t a blog focused on interiors, but I found the revamping of their DC apartment completely inspiring (such bold use of colour). For fashion, Moodboard is one of the blogs that I always turn to first. She has an amazing eye and is a great source for those editorials that you wished you’d torn out and kept, but were too disorganised to do so (if you’re anything like me...) Finally, Stockholm Streetstyle captures the awesome style of surely the best looking country out there.


swiftreverie said...

I've loved this series - thank you so much for introducing me to some gorgeous new blogs, Louise's included!

LuliBags said...

Looking forward to checking out some of these new blogs. Thank you.

Emily said...

That turquoise dress is superb! And so are those cushions, great picks! x LZ

Em said...

That dress is such a beautiful colour..

The brass Petal said...

um. i can't believe that that dress is vintage, it looks completely modern. very, very jealous. if I saw you on the street in it there is a good chance i would try to hypnotize you into giving it to me. its perfect.

Nordic factor said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Delikatissen!!!

Lots of love from Spain!