Thursday, 28 January 2010

Style Resolutions: Camilla from Hygge Nook

So, this is the penultimate Style Resolutions interview. I've really enjoyed all the interviews this year, it's great to hear about other people's home projects and discover some inspiring new blogs along the way. Today's participant is Camilla from Hygge Nook, a keen crafter who also has a little Etsy shop selling crocheted corsages. Oh, and I have a top tip from the Tea for Joy headquarters - the Eames chair she is after is 20% off at the Lollipop Shoppe until this Sunday. I know this because a friend is currently obsessed with this chair, ordered a cheaper copy which wasn't up to scratch and sent it back, and now has his Lollipop Shoppe chair on the way...

Thanks for taking part Camilla.

Style Resolutions: Camilla from Hygge Nook

Q. What was your favourite design find/achievement of 2009?

I was hugely influenced by Danish design last year with Swedish style coming in a close second. I like the feeling of space, openess and good living which both seem to offer. My favourite store finds have to be the Rice range - I have quite a few pieces of their kitchenware which are fun, colourful and unbreakable - and Rie Elise Larsen for its uber prettiness.

Having said that my absolute favourite design piece is the Eames rocker chair - the only thing stopping me from buying one this minute is not knowing which colour to get!

Q. What are your style resolutions for 2010?

Like a lot of people, I struggle with defining my home style within one particular style. I may be certain I love one particular style, then see an amazing house online or in a magazine that doesn't fit my style and think 'wow, that's for me.' So, my resolution is going to have to be to explore what my style really is and plan around that.

I'm also going to really get to grips with decluttering. Do I really need all those books hidden in the bookcase or the clothes I don't wear? I would rather streamline my life to include the things I really want then hoard things that have no relevance.

By less, buy better. I'd rather have one great thing that I love than a myriad of little things that don't last as long and aren't wanted as much.

Q. Which style/design blog(s) will you be reading in 2010?

I have my eye on quite a few US blogs, namely Young House Love, Apartment Therapy, Making it Lovely and Decor8. Ish & Chi gets my Australian vote and Swedish blog Chez Larsson is a new one for me. Isn't it amazing how you can drop in and out of people's lives and styles globally on a daily basis? My RSS reader is getting huge though!