Monday 29 June 2009

An English summer

For me, there is nothing which typifies an English summer (and its partner in crime, hayfever) more than the colourful and joyful photographs below.

This lady is well kitted out for the irregularities of our British climate.

First, a spot near the shade (or shelter from rain.)

A kite for those carefree (and breezy) moments. No clouds nearby? Never a guarantee. Just in case, some wellies for the always-imminent downpour, and a nearby caravan retreat for an afternoon siesta.

A wise lady always keeps her umbrella (or parasol) close at hand.

Somewhere to lounge...

That's all eventualities covered. I'm tempted to ditch my neutral interiors theme and invite some flowery patterns in for the sticky summer months. These photographs by Craig Fordham, styled by Finola Inger, woke me from my grey-toned stupor, and I've just bought two garish 70s tablecloths for a volunteer appreciation picnic I'm helping to organise. They might not know it yet, but it is going to be themed.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I hear you about the "grey stupor". That would be me. I loved all the photos. It made me sad though; how I wish I could be in the UK for the summer. I love wellies & being here in hot Houston it's hard to even wear closed shoes.
Good luck with your picnic. Sounds like you'll have a fun plan!

Unknown said...

gorgeous photos - love it

Mise said...

Ah, gaudy eccentricity - makes me want to go back to Bath.

Patchwork Harmony said...

mmm... lovely pics! are we finally have the summer we so rightly deserve in the UK? x