Friday, 30 January 2009

Piano possibilities

Recently I have been thinking about taking up the piano again. I wasn't very enthusiastic first time round (I had many years of reluctant lessons as a child) but am curious to see how difficult it would be for me to resurrect my skills and give it another go. I really like the idea of having friends sing around a piano.

Or, as I often start things, and lose interest quickly, perhaps I can just look...

Photo via Flickr.

Etsy piano card.

Polaroid transfer from She Hit Pause.

Piano print from Emmalynne.

Piano print from JC Ritchie.

I was inspired to write this post by this brilliant public project in Sydney, which I saw at Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog. The first photo also comes via Pia Jane. I'm also taking part in Hooked on Houses Friday blog party - today's inspirations include a fabulous look at some 1950s' decorating books.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Loved this post--what great photos of pianos! I took piano lessons for years when I was growing up but sadly retained very little of what I learned.

My husband is a musician and I love it when he sits down at the piano and plays whatever comes into his head. I was never gifted enough to be able to just make things up as I went along as he did--I always relied heavily on reading the notes on a page in front of me! :-)

Char said...

gorgeous collection of shots....very inspiring

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i love piano tunes, it's definitely my favorite, my dad started teaching when i was 4 but it didn't last long! i picked it up again as a teenage & my mum bought me this beautiful 2nd hand piano, it was so heavy but really beautiful, but now it's kinda just a shelf since i left for uni, would love to pick it up again! beautiful photos too!

inkWELL Press said...

Love all these photos of pianos. The thought of taking up piano exhausts me (not sure where I'd fit it into the day!) but I love the idea of learning it all over again. You must tell us if you decide to take it back up!

malo said...

Beautiful piano photos. Melancholy, grace and Tom Waits...I once lived in an appartment with a pianist on the floor above and every day I could hear her/him practise. I envied that passion.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous and unique portrayals of an amazing instrument. I completly share your sentiments about taking up piano once again. I started playing when I was 4, against my will, as my mother was actually a piano teacher. However, two decades later, I wished I kept playing. If you do start playing again, you must let us all know! :)