Saturday, 27 September 2008

Paris in the autumn

I decided one day last week that altogether too many people have been blogging about amazing food and flea market finds in Paris - so I decided I better go. A few stressful weeks and an impromtu spirit led me to book the Eurostar last Monday - and on Wednesday off I went.
These are my Paris feet - as much evidence as there is that I was there, and the only bit of me which can be revealed. I took one small rucksack with two cardigans and clean vests, so not the height of Parisien chic. At the last minute I threw in a lip gloss as a small gesture to Paris.
There is definitely a myth that Parisien women are chic - I traipsed all over town and barely saw any of note, although I did see several cycling in high heels. Now, French men - that's another matter entirely. There's little in the way of boyish charm - these were all very much real men.

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